I’ll give you a hundred million reasons


Dear Dodger bloggers,

It was not “shortsightedness on the part of Target Field’s designers” that kept it from having a roof. It was an unwillingness by the good taxpayers of Minnesota to pay another $100 million for a stadium that already cost them $390 some million (out of a total cost of $500 and something million) in order to give a bunch of millionaires a place to play a game while employed by one of the richest owners in the MLB. So please…shut it.


P.S. Full disclosure, I love Target Field, think it’s a lovely stadium, (mostly) supported its construction sans roof, and still think Dodger Stadium is better since it only cost the people of Los Angeles something like six million bucks in 1959 (and that was just for the land) and has generated tax revenue every year since it was opened, but what do I know?