Forgive me, Guillermo

Danger, Gypsy

When I first saw the trailer for Pacific Rim, I thought it was going to be horrible. Even though Guillermo Del Toro directed it and he’s awesome (still waiting for the third Hellboy movie, BTW). I was thinking, Guillermo, meet shark. Nobody’s perfect.

Man, was I wrong. Totally and completely. Pacific Rim is fantastic. All the way down. Unlike so many summer movies that are half action and half impossible to follow, totally implausible exposition (looking at you, Red 2) and characters you actually start hoping will get stepped on by 700 foot monsters, this movie makes sense. Once you buy off on the giant monster/robot concept, of course. Absolutely awesome. Truly.

The relatively weak box office would normally put this film into the “man, I wish they’d make more of those” category, but apparently they’re making a sequel. Can’t wait. I’ll see it opening day.

Not before Hellboy 3, though. First things first.