Don’t suck

The NYTimes this morning has a piece on the assumed fall of Blackberry. A few snippets…

It is an unforgiving law of modern business: adapt or die.

Make that: adapt fast — or die even faster.


The abrupt decline of BlackBerry illustrates how consumers and investors demand almost instant change these days, especially from tech companies.

Let’s not forget that Blackberry initially dismissed the touch interface as something business users wouldn’t want. But, even though, they kicked out the Blackberry Storm in late 2008, just about a year after the first iPhone. That, I think is pretty fast considering nobody had a phone with only a touch interface (with any kind of adoption) before the iPhone came along and changed everything in 2007.

The issue with Blackberry wasn’t that they were too slow. It’s that the Storm sucked. Hard. The thing that’s more important than being fast is not being shitty.