F’n magic

Tonight’s Dodger game is on Fox. Wait, I mean FOX.

Since I watch all the games via MLB.tv, I couldn’t care less except when it’s on FOX or ESPN I normally have to listen to their national announcers. I’m sure they’re very good and all, but I like the hometown guys. Vin, Charley, and Rick especially. They know the team, the players, etc. — enough to talk about guys not named Yasiel Puig. So, normally, I hear sad trombones when the Dodgers are on national TV.


I just figured out that the Roku version of the MLB.tv app lets you watch the national TV feed with the local radio audio! All synced up like f’n magic. No, seriously, this makes me so happy. Deliriously happy. In fact, happier than you’d expect something like this would make someone.

Why this isn’t an option on Apple TV I don’t know. Wish it was.