Harry Enten over on FiveThirtyEight posted a piece yesterday about how registered Democratic-leaning voters did not vote and therefore cost Clinton the election. And I was like, oh right, I’m pissed at those guys, too. And I am. But who I’m really pissed at is conservative and Republican-leaning voters who should have known better.

I know several of these people. Erstwhile principled conservatives who, early in the electoral process, bemoaned Trump’s progress in the GOP primary but who, by the end, didn’t just decide to vote for him, they advocated others to do the same. These are people who know history. Who have nuanced and interesting political positions. Who claimed to believe in the special role the United States has in the post-WWII world.

And yet, they voted for Donald fucking Trump. A person who is so clearly unsuited for the job. Emotionally, experientially, intellectually — literally in every way. In this case, they didn’t do the principled, ethical thing and vote for Evan McMullin or write in Mickey Mouse or simply leave the box empty for lack of an acceptable choice. They either decided there was something that superseded their responsibility to put a reasonable person in the White House or that it didn’t really matter as long as there was an “R” after the guy’s name in the history books or, most horrifically of all, that they thought he’d be great at the job. That is simple self-delusion fueled by a blind and irrational hatred for his opponent.

There is absolutely nothing that’s happened since the election that has highlighted the complete shitshow Trump is going to be as president that wasn’t perfectly obvious prior to the vote. Not a thing.

So yeah, I’m pissed at feckless Democratic voters with sore fee-fees who sat on their thumbs on election day because they didn’t fall sufficiently in love with Hillary and, at the expense of vulnerable populations all over the country they claim to care about, allowed a monstrous orange manchild to take the highest office in the land. Those who had a reasonable if imperfect choice and decided to follow a course of action those who did not should have. But I am more angry at those who put their higher reasoning skills in neutral so they could check the Trump box. Those who should have fucking known better. Those who are likely now, as they lay in bed at night and the reality of what’s happened really starts to sinks in, feeling a deep and dreadful buyer’s remorse. My God, what have we done?

Voting is an affirmative action. You vote for someone. There should be no such thing as hate-voting. Voting for a person only to vote against someone else. That’s wrong. And because they did that, all of us — not just in America, but around the world — are stuck with the consequences. I’m embarrassed for them. I am ashamed of what they allowed to happen. The damage their affirmative choice has done and will continue to do to this country they claim to love. And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive them.